A Continuation

Hello! As far blogging goes, this has been my 6th? 7th? attempt at keeping one and therefore, I shan’t waste anymore time trying to do an introductory post. I am terrible at that anyway.  So. I would consider this as a continuation of the previous ones I have kept throughout the years that I have been online albeit with a much fresher look.

Social media, mainly Twitter and Tumblr, have taken a firm hold of me but lately, I had this growing, incessant need to put down my thoughts into something that isn’t constrained by 140 characters or with massive amounts of fangirling in between. Back when I was trying to do my best as a serious (hah!) blogger, I often tend to be more caught up with all design process that I end up growing weary once it’s time for me to actually writing down stuff. I will try my utmost to avoid that as well strive to update less sporadically. Maybe this time around, I’ll eventually get the hang of this blogging thing.