The Beginnings of a TV Addiction… ?

This year alone marks the fact that I may have started watching more TV shows than the couple of previous years combined. Some, like True Detective, Fargo1, and American Horror Story: Coven are anthologies encompassing only a single season which makes viewing them much easier. Halt and Catch Fire and From Dusk ‘Till Dawn were both recced to me by enthusiastic fans of those shows. Then, there are the likes of The Musketeers and Penny Dreadful that I started because of period costumes! and gorgeous cinematography! and a cast full of hot people! and… okay they do actually have some semblance of an entertaining plot, believe it or not. 😛 I’m also still keeping/catching up with the latest seasons of Game of Thrones2Orphan Black, The Americans, Vikings, Suits, Graceland, and Teen Wolf. Sheesh. That’s a lot, I realise. I’ve become attached.

The latter half of 2014 also promises a host of new adapted series: Gotham, featuring the pre-Batman younger versions of Bruce Wayne and James Gordon, and The Flash, the spin-off of Arrow which tells of Barry Allen’s origins. Finally, there’s Constantine to complete the trifecta of comic books-based TV adaptations which looks to be more faithful to the Hellblazer series than the movie ever was (Remember Tilda Swinton as the androgynous angel Gabriel? Yeah.) DC may be trying to pull what the Marvel cinematic universe has done film-wise; it remains to be seen whether they’ll be successful or not.

But what I’m most excited about is The Strain which airs in a couple of days from now! I can’t say how many times the vampire virus/apocalypse premise has been done before but with Guillermo del Toro at the helm and with Ramin Djawadi composing the music– well this is basically a match made in heaven for me. 🙂 Here check out the trailer:

So, what upcoming TV shows are you keeping an eye on?

1. Still in the midst of watching this and it’s been great
2. Actually I’m quite close to giving up this one