My Favourite Things: January 2015

So I’m diving straight into Raisa‘s linkup and sharing the things I am enjoying this month. ūüôā

My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup

Mahou Shounen Anime

vlcsnap-2015-01-11-09h35m09s44 The winter 2014/2015 anime season brought about a series I’ve been eagerly anticipating for months and it’s called Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! (or Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!). Turns out I wasn’t disappointed. It is a parody of the mahou shoujo genre and it’s done with affection and much hilarity.¬†The characterisations appears to be but it’s nice to see a series poke fun at itself, even coming off as self-aware at times. After watching intense shows like the second season of Psycho-Pass, Kiseijuu, and even Sailor Moon Crystal, I feel like I needed something light-hearted for a change and this one just fits the bill perfectly.

Ever Bilena Water Resistant Eye Liner

DSC08745I’m one of those people¬†who doesn’t rely heavily on makeup on a daily basis but leaving the house with the eye liner on is simply a must. I don’t know, it just give me a lot of confidence to get through the world outside. So one time I was randomly browsing Saizen and I chanced upon this product, which happens to be the last one on the shelf. I guess that is what compelled me to buy it in the first place. At first, I was wary¬†about using dirt cheap products (even if Ever Bilena is a well-known local brand afaik) especially on my face and I am glad that I didn’t regret it. The product lives up to its claim and the glorious thing is that it lasts me throughout the day without having to reapply it or that nasty resulting panda eyes that tend to happen. For less than a hundred pesos, I’d say it’s¬†quite a deal.

999th Match Wins

Tennis season is back! And once again, my ultimate fave is close to reaching another milestone as he plays the 2015 Brisbane International final later today. I hope it ends up being his 83rd career singles title and that golden 1,000th singles career match win. Lastly, I leave with Roger’s totally adorable reaction after the interviewer reminded him of his 999th one:



A week until Christmas…

… and two more weeks until 2015!

I type this entry¬†even as I have tonnes of other things I should actually be doing. (C’mon, Anne, that dozen order of banana bread isn’t gonna bake itself.) I really wish I’m in the mood to partake with the holiday spirit but right at this point, I’d rather get some of my sleep back than join in on any festivities. Which I guess is sort of a shame since we Filipinos are known celebrating Christmas like no other. ūüėõ

The year has flown by so quick. Wasn’t it only August yesterday? ¬†Anyway, a number of things had happened in the second half of 2014 that I consider significant one way or the other:

  • I came out! It happened a few days before my birthday, no less, and there wasn’t any marching band or samba dancers with elaborate feather headdresses or a big flashing neon sign. In fact, it was rather accidental the way it happened. Me and my mother were discussing arguing about some political issue and at the midst of it all, I blurted out, “but what if I’m interested in both sexes?” There was a short silence that followed and I could have taken it back, passed it off as a joke but no, it was too important for me. I honestly don’t know how to gauge her reaction¬†but for now, I am trying to give her the space and time to get used to the fact.
  • I reconnected with old friends and met up with new ones.
  • I had my hair cut real short. It barely reaches past my ears now and I have to resist the temptation to run to the hairdresser to get the edges snipped off again because I feel it’s growing too fast. It did take me a bit of time getting used to but now I’m fairly comfortable with it. And the best thing is that I don’t have to fuss over it. Yes, I am that lazy. Granted this isn’t much of a big deal but it’s the first time in my life to have it at this length. So hooray for small milestones, right?
  • Football became my newest obsession. Well it seems that my interest in the sport didn’t die down after the World Cup as I have initially thought and now my fate has pretty much been sealed by me waking up at 3 in the morning just to watch eleven guys chase after a ball.
  • I have grown into doing calligraphy. Okay clearly I need more practise and if I have a clear goal in 2015, it would be focusing on honing this craft. The book was a lucky find at a bargain book store. I have also been looking into attending workshops (if only for the nibs and materials that come along with it) but I think my learning curve would be slightly different because of my left-handedness. I’m hoping I can drag along my friend who shares an¬†equal interest because it seems more fun than having to do it alone.

The Beginnings of a TV Addiction… ?

This year alone marks the fact that¬†I may have¬†started watching more TV shows than the couple of previous years¬†combined. Some, like True Detective, Fargo1, and American Horror Story: Coven are anthologies encompassing only a single season which makes viewing them much easier. Halt and Catch Fire and From Dusk ‘Till Dawn were both recced to me by enthusiastic fans of those shows.¬†Then, there are the likes of¬†The Musketeers and Penny Dreadful that I started because of¬†period costumes!¬†and gorgeous cinematography! and a cast full of hot people! and… okay¬†they do actually have some¬†semblance of an entertaining plot, believe it or not. ūüėõ I’m also still keeping/catching up with the latest¬†seasons of Game of Thrones2,¬†Orphan Black, The Americans, Vikings, Suits, Graceland, and Teen Wolf. Sheesh. That’s a lot, I realise. I’ve become attached.

The latter half of 2014 also promises a host of new adapted¬†series:¬†Gotham,¬†featuring the pre-Batman¬†younger versions of Bruce Wayne and James Gordon, and The Flash, the spin-off of Arrow which tells of¬†Barry Allen’s origins. Finally, there’s Constantine to complete the trifecta of comic books-based TV adaptations which looks to be more faithful to the Hellblazer series than the movie ever was (Remember Tilda Swinton as the androgynous angel Gabriel? Yeah.) DC may be trying to pull what the Marvel cinematic universe has done film-wise; it remains to be seen whether they’ll be successful or not.

But what I’m most excited about is The Strain which airs in a couple of days from now! I can’t say how many times the vampire virus/apocalypse premise has been done before but with¬†Guillermo del Toro at the helm and with¬†Ramin Djawadi composing the music– well this is basically a match made in heaven for me. ūüôā Here check out the trailer:

So, what upcoming TV shows are you keeping an eye on?

1. Still in the midst of watching this and it’s been great
2. Actually I’m quite¬†close to giving up this one


If there is one thing I haven’t learned as a sports fan, it’s how to take losses with as grace and dignity as the way my idol does. I ought to¬†know by now that that’s the deal with sports, this one in particular, is that there will always be a loser. Too bad it usually happens to my faves. It¬†had been¬†a match worthy of a Champions Final and truly, the Federer-Djokovic match up often bring out the best of the game. Djokovic was in control and on top for most part with Federer being unable to do anything about his opponent’s blistering return of serve.¬†By the time Djokovic¬†was serving for the Championship in the 4th set, I was doing what I do when the end is nigh — hiding under a pile of blankets and pillows with tears streaming down¬†my face as I resigned myself to the inevitable.

But then Federer sunk his claws in and fought right back. I’m reminded, during times like these, that underneath his cool exterior lies that determination and stubbornness that people often regard little of and you can just see how much he wants this.¬†Before I knew it, he managed to level the match and force a fifth and deciding set. At this point, I started breathing a little easier¬†and allowed a tiny bit of hope to seep in.

Still, it wasn’t to be.

It stings.

Knowing how close he have gotten and that missed break point opportunity in the middle of the 5th set. The singular what might have been¬†were he able to capitalise on that. And yet, despite the fact that I am currently wallowing in a pit of misery, I am satisfied. True we didn’t get the result we wanted but this proved that Roger Federer is still very much around. That he is likely to win more Grand Slams in his career and that you should never, ever count him out. Roger is staying up there with the best, until the time he chooses to leave. ¬†And finally,¬†congratulations to Novak Djokovic, for a well-deserved win. I say this without a hint of resentment because maybe, I am starting to get over this.

Three Fandom-y Things

I know. I know. Nine months since the last update is pretty terrible as far as an attempt to keep a regular blog goes. Anyway, enough of that now. Here’s what been going on with things right now:

Roger Federer’s 9th Wimbledon Final

YES. You’ve read that right. After the clusterfuck of a 2013 tennis season, we’ve reached the stage of yet another Grand Slam final (the 25th one, but who’s counting) of the greatest single sporting event in the world. I’m sorry, World Cup what? I have to admit I was a little scared¬†watching the semifinals — Raonic’s serve could be tricky if Roger’s return isn’t on point or if his serve is below par and well, this late part of a tournament had sort of became an uncharted territory for me. But as the match went on, I started breathing a little easier. It was a systematic dismantling of the big serve¬†which is pretty much the only weapon Raonic had on his arsenal. It wasn’t a dazzling performance like I’ve seen before but it had been a clean match. And a relatively drama free one at that.

Well, after the post-victory haze had gone through my brain it’s time to face the reality that tomorrow it’ll be Novak Djokovic standing in the way of an 8th Wimbledon title, 18th Grand Slam win, 80th overall career titles. (Lots of eights there, see. Roger has a thing for that number. It’s practically written in the stars.) To say that I am beyond nervous would be an understatement. I want this win far too much. Even though Roger leads their head-to-head by a very small margin, Djokovic would always be a dangerous opponent. Anyway, I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed and pray to every god that I know.

Vienna Teng’s Concert in Manila

I’m still buzzing about this news since I found out about it a couple of days ago. In my life (and due to my general dislike of crowded places), there are only a number of artists that I’d actually spend money and time on to see live. Vienna Teng happens to be one of them. Therefore I was beyond excited when she started a Kickstarter project for an Asia-Pacific tour last year. Fast forward a few months later, and I sort start wondering whatever happened to it. And that’s when she announces the aforementioned tour taking place next month! To make it even better, the venue is very close to where I live and I might potentially meet a friend I’ve known online for a number of years now.

August has basically a lot of things in store for the fannish me — Guardians of the Galaxy and Rurouni Kenshin sequel premiers ¬†and the start of a new Doctor Who series. I practically want this month to be over and done with!

A Look at 2014  Summer Anime Season

I have been paying less and less attention to the new and upcoming anime series for this last few seasons but this one has a few to offer that has me excited. To start with, there’s¬†Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal, the remake of the classic anime that had me falling in love with anime. Then there’s the second season of my favourite swimming bros, Free! Eternal Summer, and¬†Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, which brings it back on track with the manga. New to me are¬†Zankyou no Terror, Tokyo Ghoul and Love Stage!! (shounen-ai, can’t resist).

I’d like to include that the Eiga Sai is happening this week and provided the weather and my schedule cooperates, I’ll definitely go and see a couple of films.¬†Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki particularly as it’s by the same person behind Summer Wars.

And that’s it for now. Hopefully with even less time between the next update!

A Continuation

Hello! As far blogging goes, this has been my 6th? 7th? attempt at keeping one and therefore, I shan’t waste anymore time trying to do an introductory post. I am¬†terrible¬†at that anyway. ¬†So. I would consider this as a continuation of the previous ones I have kept throughout the years that I have been online albeit with a much fresher look.

Social media, mainly Twitter and Tumblr, have taken a firm hold of me but lately, I had this growing, incessant need to put down my thoughts into something that isn’t constrained by 140 characters or with massive amounts of fangirling in between. Back when I was trying to do my best as a serious (hah!) blogger, I often tend to be more caught up with all design process that I end up growing weary once it’s time for me to actually writing down stuff. I will try my utmost to avoid that as well strive to update less sporadically. Maybe this time around, I’ll eventually get the hang of this blogging thing.